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Current Affairs, 14-07-2020, Padmanbhaswami temple Controversy

SC gives ex-royals right to manage deity’s property

Padmanbhaswami temple Controversy

Location: Thiruvanthanpuram, Kerala

Architecture: Dravidian style

Deity: God Vishnu in his “Anantshayana” posture (sleeping on Shesh-naag)

8th century Tamil Alwar literature-“Divya Prabandha”, mentions this temple.

1050 CE Village sabha controlled temple’s property. Later Nair feudal lords controlled the temple.

14th Century Moroccan Traveler Ibn Batuta visited this area. Wrote about Vishnu’s idol, “its eyes were made of rubies that lit like lanterns during night.”

1750 onwards Maharaja of Travancore worshiped this Deity.

1947 Travancore tried to declare itself a “sovereign nation” but #EPICFAIL, had to join India.

2007 Ex-IPS officer files writ petition, questioning the Royal family’s right over this temple.

2011, Jan Kerala HC ordered State government to take over the temple administration. The royal family approaches Supreme Court.

2011, May SC gives stay order on Kerala HC. But ordered ASI to open the secret chambers and make asset list.

2014, April Amicus Curie report detailing the mischief in temple asset management.

Temple Treasures

Has total six secret chambers (Kallaras). From A to F

Chamber B not opened, has Cobra lock on it. People fear it’ll be bring bad omen. (On History Channel, they even claim Chamber “B” may have “Alien” technology that can bring disaster on earth like in Hollywood movies!)

Napoleonic era coins

East India company gold “Mohur” coins (total 17 kilos!)

Gold chains, crowns, rubies, plates, status.

Overall more than 1 trillion rupees worth assets. Richest temple in the world.

Gopal Subraminum’s Report

Supreme Court Amicus Curae Gopal Subraminum’s report says

Gold plating machine found @temple. And One of the locker trunk was not locked. Meaning staff is replacing real gold asset with fake ones.

Temple trustees didn’t maintain any account of gifts/donations in last 30 years, nor filed any IT returns.

Locker B needs to be opened. Because there are reports that it has already been opened in past, photographs were taken (to show the assets to foreign buyers in black market). Hence temple staff creating rumors that it’ll create black omen. (may be Locker B’s assets already sold off in the blackmarket!)

Even two new lockers found: G and H. Open them as well.

Large scale conspiracy- Dead rickshaw driver, acid thrown on one employee. Police not doing anything- perhaps Royal rule predominate the social psyche of local juntaa.

CAG should audit.

The Supreme Court on 13-07-2020 held that the erstwhile Travancore royal family is the “human ministrant” or the shebait (manager) of the properties belonging to Sree Padmanabha, chief deity of the famed and fabulously rich Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple in Kerala

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